Basic Papaya Salad

Basic Papaya Salad Ingredients

Basic Papaya Salad Ingredients

Another Papaya Salad បុកល្ហុង (Bok Lahong) post. I was making some the other day to enjoy with my Mother’s homemade Cambodian Sausage ខ្វាគោ (Kwah Ko) . It was a very last minute thing. I went through the fridge and saw some papaya so I began​​ gather what I have at the moment and try to put it all together. I just wanted to show that you don’t have to get all fancy with the ingredients to enjoy Papaya Salad. It’s nice though if you have special sauces or salty crabs (my favorite) but if you don’t, then no worries.

My basic Papaya Salad recipe is quick and simple not to mention satisfying especially when paired with Cambodian Sausage or any grilled meat for that matter. I am not going to be listing measurements as this is one of those dish that you just have to go by what you like. For example, some like it on the sour and spicy side; add lots of lime and chili peppers. Others like it sweet and salty; adjust palm sugar and fish sauce. Always taste before removing from the mortar & pestle so that you can make adjustments.

Papaya Salad with Cambodian Sausage

Papaya Salad with Cambodian Sausage

Note: After making Papaya Salad often I find that palm sugar works the best because it has this slimy consistency unlike regular white sugar. I prepare it by breaking it into small pieces and pouring fish sauce on top so that it dissolves (as pictured above).

shredded green (unripe) papaya
shredded carrots (optional)
shrimp paste
palm sugar
fish sauce
lime juice
roasted peanuts, lightly crush
garlic, roughly chopped
chilies, roughly chopped
fresh herbs (mint, basil, Asian mint)

Other veggies to consider adding: , tomatoes, shredded cabbage, lettuce, water spinach, snake bean, bac-ha …etc

In a mortar & pestle first add the garlic and chilies (if using) and pound. By chopping them into smaller pieces first, it will be easier and faster to get it crushed up.

Next add ¾ of the shredded papaya followed by shrimp paste, lime juice, palm sugar + fish sauce and continue to pound until all ingredients are combined. Use a fork on one hand to toss and move the salad around while you are pounding the salad with your other hand.

Finally, add the remainder shredded papaya and carrots and tomatoes (if using) and mix it in lightly with the other ingredients. By adding this last batch you are giving the salad an extra crunch because it was slightly mix and not pound. This is optional as you can toss everything in at once. Taste and make adjustments if necessary.

Once you are happy with the flavors, scoop it out onto a serving plate and serve with your favorite herbs and vegetable alongside some grilled meat like Cambodian Sausage. :)

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