Fish Sauce for Dipping

I like to make my Fish Sauce for Dipping ទឹកត្រីជ្រលក់ well in advance and not have to worry about it when preparing certain dishes. When I get a chance, I would make it in large quantities and store it in the fridge. You can keep it in there for months if done right. My Fish Sauce for Dipping recipe is pretty simple. What ever instrument you use to measure keep it consistence throughout.

Ratio & Ingredients
1 fish sauce
1 vinegar
1 sugar
2-2.5 hot/warm water

Some like to add peanuts, pickled carrots & daikon, sambal oleak, or chopped fresh garlic and slice chili. If serving right away you can also substitute vinegar with fresh lime juice. If you are making this in large quantities for later use, then I suggest you add them right before serving and not when you store it because these extra ingredients might spoil the sauce in a matter of days.

Combine fish sauce, vinegar and sugar. Pour hot water into the mixture and stir until sugar is dissolve. Transfer into storage container and store it in the fridge. Reuse those little empty sauce/paste glass jars. They work great! What I used this time around was an empty Starbuck Frap glass jar. If you decide to reuse plastic soda bottle it is a good idea to mark the bottle just in case someone grab it for a drink by mistake.

Here are some of the dishes that taste great with this dipping sauce:

Banh Cheiv or Banh Xeo- a Khmer adaptation of the Vietnamese Crepe/Pancake
Spring Roll (Fresh)
Egg Roll (Fried)
Cambodian Mini Rice Cake (Num Krook នុំគ្រក់)
Banh Hoi – Vermicelli Rice Noodles
Cambodian Fried Rice Noodles with Eggs (Kui Teav Cha គុវទាវឆារ)

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