Sweet Potatoes Ball|Doughnut

I spent my Friday evening browsing through cookbooks at the book store. Did not have a coupon with me and the cookbook that I want to get was a bit pricey. Instead I look through them and took notes (recipes LOL). I wrote down this from an Asian Snack cookbook. It look simple;consist of only a few steps, and required literally few ingredients; sweet potatoes and flour. Roll it into small balls and call it Sweet Potatoes Ball (Num Domlong Jean) នុំដំលូងចៀន or shape it into a doughnut/donut and call it Sweet Potatoes Doughnuts. This snack is not as sweet so you can adjust the sugar coating to your liking. Cinnamon sugar would also be a delicious. Dipped in maple syrup and it reminds me of the Pancake Puppies I usually order at Denny’s with a cup of hot coffee (right image).

I gave the recipe a try this evening. Well, the measurements that was provided did not work. The recipe called for two medium sweet potatoes. Ok, so everybody have their own definition of “medium”. Since I want to test out the recipe I cut the measurements in half. It turned out that my “one potato” is probably equivalent to their “two potatoes”. In addition, I had to use more flour than what was called for because it appears that there were a lot more moisture in mashed boiled sweet potatoes. Not sure if I over boiled it or my only potato was bigger than the original two potatoes that was called for.

Bottom line, if you want to try and make this my advice is to add the sifted flour a little at a time as you are kneading until you get a dough-like consistency and the mixture no longer sticks to your fingers. Then you know it’s ready to be pinch/form into a ball or a doughnut.

1 medium sweet potato
1 cup all purpose flour, plus more for dusting
½ teaspoon baking soda
oil for deep frying
cinnamon and/or sugar to coat
maple syrup for dipping (optional)

Boil potato until soft. Time will depend on the size of your potato. Use a fork to check. If it goes through and out easily (no resistance) than it is done. Remove and allow to cool before peeling the skin. Mash it thoroughly with a fork or a potato masher. Discard tough fibers.

Sift the baking soda and flour then add it to the mashed sweet potato. Knead until you form a smooth dough. Again, if it sticks to your hands and fingers, add more sifted flour.

Once you knead and get to the right consistency scoop about 1 tablespoon of dough and roll it into a small ball (the size of a quail egg). Lightly dust your tablespoon with flour so that the dough doesn’t stick. Set the ball on a dusted floured tray until ready to deep fry. Repeat step until all the dough is used.

To form a doughnut shape scoop about 2 tablespoons and roll it into a ball with your palms. Then flatten it slightly. Make a hole through the center with a floured handle wooden spoon. Use your fingers to smooth the edges around the hole. Set aside on a floured tray until ready to deep fry.

Add about 1 inch of oil to a pan and heat at medium-high. Once the oil is hot (starts to smoke) reduce it to low. Deep fry your shaped dough until brown. Remove and drained on paper towel. Allow it to cool a bit before you roll it in sugar or cinnamon. This snack is best serve hot-warm. It taste great with hot tea or hot coffee.

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