Asian Garlic Chicken Penne

Today is one of those days that I ran out of fresh ingredients in the fridge and not emotionally well to do my grocery shopping just yet. I survey my fridge, freezer and pantry and the things I gathered were previous frozen chicken breast that I’ve defrost overnight, a box of whole wheat penne and a head of garlic, oh and also I snipped some green onion that was on my kitchen window sill as a garnish. Seasonings were things I usually use for my stir-fried dishes. Seasoning is to taste and because this is a “garlic” dish you are free to go overboard with the garlic, as much as you can handle.

This is suppose to be a quick and easy fix or if you want to stretch out your money by making use of what you currently have. You can substitute penne with any type of dried pasta or noodles. The same goes with the meat. Pork and shrimp would also make a great substitution like my Garlic Shrimp Rice Noodle recipe.

Asian Garlic Chicken Penne (makes 1-2 serving)
(Mon Ktum​​​​ Saw Jear Muy Penne) ម៉ាន់ខ្ទឹមសរជាមួយ Penne

1½ cup whole wheat penne
1 chicken breast, sliced (optional: pre-soak with 1 teaspoon baking soda and 2 cups water to tenderize)
1 head garlic, peel and minced
1 teaspoon oil
finely chopped green onion for garnish

2 tablespoons chicken stock or water
½ teaspoon chicken powder
1 tablespoon oyster sauce
1 teaspoon fish sauce
½ teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon sesame oil

Cook penne according to the package, drain and set aside.

Heat oil in a pan and saute garlic just until brown.

Add chicken with half of the seasoning and continue to cook. The liquid from the seasoning will help to pick up the garlic pieces that might have stuck to the pan. Also the steam will moisten the chicken as well.

Once chicken is 95% cooked add the remaining seasoning and toss in the penne. Stir to coat, taste and adjust accordingly.

To serve, dish out and sprinkle with green onion. ENJOY!

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