Cambodian Sausages

For the curious mind, these sausages are made with beef with a blend of Khmer spice and aromatics. My mother makes them on a regular basis to accommodate the locals last minute demands. She often time receive large orders especially when her local buyers has out of town guest. It”s like an edible souvenirs from California. :) It makes a very quick, easy and tasty meal to take to work. So share it among your friends, families and even neighbors, if they are nice. :)


The price for a full box of sausages is $25. This order consist of 50 sausages. Please refer to the uncooked and cooked image for size reference. Shipping will be calculated and will depend on your order size and destination.

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Buyer Care Instructions

The Kwah-Ko was shipped in a box with some paper bags to absorb any moisture that might develop while in transit. Once your order arrive at your doorstep, we suggest that you unravel the box and remove it right away. NOTE that these are perishable. As the box has been tightly sealed for awhile, it might develop a strong Kwah-Ko odor with a slightly sour smell when first opened and occasionally some white speckles. Don’t be alarmed !!! The smell will dissipate. If you see any excess moisture or white speckles you can take a slightly damp paper towel and gently wipe it down. Protect yourself with gloves if you wish.

Once it is wipe down allow them to air dry for a moment. Then you can store it in your freezer. YES in the freezer. It will last a very long time. When you want to enjoy a delicious sausage, just pull the amount need and grill it. There is no need to defrost it. For those who like their sausage to be more on the extra sour side you can keep them first in the fridge (not freezer) for a day or two before transferring them to the freezer.

Tips for cooking – For best tasting sausage, try it on the grill. As there are fat in the Kwah-Ko, if you want to reduce the amount of fat content, you can poke the Kwah-Ko with a fork before you grill. This will allow the fat to drip. However, there are times when frying might be the quick and easiest way to go. Please use caution when frying. You can even break it apart before frying and then serve it on paper towel so it can absorb some of the fat.

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